My Secret to Getting Things Done


We are all super busy people, but have you ever stopped to take a critical look at the way you are doing things? Like really take a deep look? How many "I'll just quickly check Instagram", or "I'll answer a few emails" breaks do you take during the day, or how many times do you wrap up another day and can't really answer the question of "what did I get done today?

We've all been there. The frustration of spinning our wheels, trying to balance too many projects and processes at once, feeling like we are getting nowhere.

But that stops now.

Enter, my favorite method for actually getting stuff done - Batch Processing!


Batch processing is a methodology where you schedule large blocks of time, like a whole morning, whole day, whole week, and dedicate it to ONE task. The time frame obviously depends on what the task is and how large it is. 

For instance, did you know that I almost never post on social media in real-time? Everything that I post is scheduled for the future, and this benefits me in so many ways. I batch process my social media scheduling, and this has done wonders for my stress levels, efficiency and engagement.

I tend to group my social media profiles around my Instagram account, so I strategically plan my Instagram feed and then cross-post that to Facebook, Pinterest and other accounts.

I block my Instagram feed into nine posts at a time, so working with one "block" before scheduling the next. I have a set format that I like to use which integrates a couple styles of posts that have proven themselves to boost engagement, and I then jump into an app like Planoly or Unum to start working on my curated feed. By working with nine posts at time, I'm able to schedule things out for the next two or three weeks, depending on how often you want the posts to go live, and you have the benefit of being able to create a curated feed.

Once I have decided on the visuals, I jump into my favorite Social Media Scheduling Tool (Hootsuite! I have the free version and it has almost flawlessly all this time) and pick the days and times to post.

I spend a bit of time writing captivating and engaging captions (super important!), choose my appropriate hashtags, then schedule and sit back!

I adore this method because it allows me to work hard for a specific period of time, really tune into your genius zone and work super efficiently, then you don't have to think about it at all until the next batch processing day. Getting in the zone allows you to hone your creativity and create epic captions that will boost engagement in a big way, and you have the satisfaction of knowing that you just accomplished a huge task!


So in a nutshell, these are the reasons why I think batch processing is awesome:

  • Allows you to build a schedule to keep you on track

  • Builds in a large buffer so you don't go off schedule when life throws you a curve ball

  • You aren't switching tasks in between, so you are shortening that annoying transition period where you are trying to get into the groove

  • You produce consistent work that has a cohesive look, which always benefits a brand!

  • You don't have to constantly worry about producing more content

  • Once you are done you will be ahead by a day, week, month, whatever you planned!

  • You will feel super accomplished!


Have I convinced you to try batch processing yet?


Stay magical,


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