Today I Am Thankful For...(#1)

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Today I Am Thankful For...(#1)


Today I am thankful for the longer daylight hours, the sun is slowly helping us all to thaw out our long-time frozen bones and souls. With its fiery body inching closer to use by the day, it leaves me thankful for the warmer temperature (no more -30 C until next winter, yes!!).


I am thankful that the first phase of my partner and I relocating is going flawlessly, now lets keep the rest of the phases going in a positive direction too!


I am thankful that I finally get to add a furbaby to our little family in a few months. Hope you are ready for a swarm of corgi puppy photos!


I am thankful for my friends that ask how I am doing, and truly mean it. They enrich my life incredibly, and fill me with so much positivity.


I am thankful that I have an incredible commission in progress that is incredibly open-reign (gotta love when the client's request is the word "owl", and then is followed by "the rest is completely up to you!").

What are you thankful for?

Stay magical,


Want to know the materials I use to create my paintings?

Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Colour Paint -
Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors -

Mediums and other liquids
Winsor & Newton Liquin Original -
Mona Lisa Linseed Oil -
Mona Lisa Odorless Paint Thinner -
Gamblin Gamvar -
Mona Lisa Gold Leaf Size Adhesive -
Gold Leaf (Imitation) -
Gold Leaf (Genuine) -
Liquitex White Gesso -

Filming Equipment for Videos
Canon Rebel T5i -
Tripod -
Lavalier Microphone (for voiceovers) -
Adobe Premiere Pro CC

* The above product links are affiliate links that allow me to make a small commission on each sale - every little bit helps!

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Danielle Trudeau creates paintings that walk the line between dreams and reality, infusing magic into every day life.

Wildlife often graces her canvases, brought to life with a spark of magic and oil paint.