So who is the artist behind these brushstrokes and words?

My name is Danielle, I'm a lady from the often frozen prairies of central Canada with a huge affection for all things art and creativity.

My favorite days always have a healthy dose of espresso, a soundtrack of either energizing metal music or orchestra, and embracing my inner cat by taking naps in the sun.

I live for the warm and loving comfort of pups and kitties, oodles of plants (I'm getting better at keeping them alive and thriving), and beautiful animal skulls and bones (bison skeletons are my favorite!).

My nails are always painted crazy shades that often resemble bright and iridescent exotic beetles, my long hair is always a bit messy and my socks are matching like maybe 10% of the time. Oh, and I'm discovering that I want ALL the snake tattoos.

The thing that truly makes my heart sing is being a soul cheerleader for those who need it (helping and inspiring people to achieve their dreams is my dream!) and listening to people talk about their greatest passions (their energy is electric).

My mission in life is to bring attention and affection to the beauty in the world and helping it to outshine the darkness, and in the process help others find and achieve their dreams. Gratitude and mindfulness are key players in my life journey through my own personal darkness, so I aim to share these aids with as many people as I can.

I so look forward to getting to know the unique and vibrant soul that you are, so why don't you introduce yourself below!

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