Meet the Members of My Oil Paint Family


The other day I took inventory of the paint that I had and made note of which tubes I had to pick up next time I visited my local art supply shop, and then the thought of "wait, didn't I just buy more of these?".

The answer was yes, but that didn't do anything to change the fact that I have to squish and bend the aluminum tube in contorted ways to squeeze any oil paint out, or attempt to dig it out with a palette knife. 

Made me realize that I do tend to paint with a limited paint palette for the most part.

So lets jump into my favorite colours!

(And if you have ever watched my Youtube channel or purchased any eBook tutorials, you'll notice a trend here!)


Titanium White

Every artist needs a white, there's no way around it. I have two whites in my collection, but one always finds its way at the bottom of my storage, unloved and unused (sorry Zinc White!), whereas I feel like I'm grabbing a new Titanium White off the shelf every few weeks. Its bold and opaque, with cool bluish undertones, and has great brightening power. I will forever recommend this rockstar of a tube!

Manganese Violet

I think I fall deeper and deeper in love with Manganese Violet each time I use her. She is a rock-solid companion to all of my shadows, she gives them life and richness (her and Mr. Burnt Umber are definitely a close married couple, they unite to form the best shadow tones).

Burnt Umber

The rock solid foundation, always giving and never asking for anything in return (including fame). He's your favorite pair of jeans, soft and a staple for your wardrobe. He's that friend that always has your back, through thick and thin. He's the bricks that build up your home, weathering the test of time.

I think I have used Burnt Umber in every single one of my oil paintings over the past few years, its hard not to. A lovely cool-toned brown, essential for the sketching stage, shadows and creating a darkening glaze.

Oh, and married to Mrs. Manganese Violet.

Burnt Sienna

Rusty and warm, he is definitely part of the Glazing Club (might even be President!). He adds an hot earthy richness to everything, he is always part of the team. 

Prussian Blue

Oh Prussian Blue. You powerful, outspoken thing, you. A little of this one goes a very long way, its personality shines with such a loud volume that it can overwhelm (and then suddenly you have to add way more Titanium white to balance things out again). Beautifully transparent, so obviously you excel as a glaze too. This blue also is a close friend to the married couple that is Mrs. Manganese Violet and Mr. Burnt Umber, giving shadows an extra dark cool boost.


While I don't use Magenta super often, I adore any time spent with her, even if its not frequent. When mixed with glazing medium, she creates the more radiant and crystalline pink-purple glaze.


What are your favorite paints to use? Are there any that kind of creep up on you, make their way present in your work in a way you didn't expect? 

Stay Magical, 


Want to know the materials I use to create my paintings?

Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Colour Paint -
Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors -

Mediums and other liquids
Winsor & Newton Liquin Original -
Mona Lisa Linseed Oil -
Mona Lisa Odorless Paint Thinner -
Gamblin Gamvar -
Mona Lisa Gold Leaf Size Adhesive -
Gold Leaf (Imitation) -
Gold Leaf (Genuine) -
Liquitex White Gesso -

Filming Equipment for Videos
Canon Rebel T5i -
Tripod -
Lavalier Microphone (for voiceovers) -
Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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Danielle Trudeau creates paintings that walk the line between dreams and reality, infusing magic into every day life.

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