How to Paint Hawk Feathers With Oil Paint

How to Paint Hawk Feathers With Oil Paint

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another video

Today we will be learning how to paint feathers that belong to a hawk with oil paint.

Even though I am working with oils here, the techniques can easily be applied to other types of paint, even digital, with some small modifications

Let's get started!

I started off by sketching out where the feathers would sit, using rough strokes with burnt umber thinned with some medium.

I then started laying in the darks and shadows with burnt umber.

The border of these feathers is rusty coloured, so I blocked it in with burnt sienna next.

Into the wet paint, I stroked in some hair-like feather details with titanium white, blending out with a dry brush to soften.

I worked in some more details with more titanium white, burnt sienna and burnt umber, again blending with a dry brush when needed.