Octopus Dreams - Oil and Acrylic Painting Timelapse

Octopus Dreams - Oil and Acrylic Painting Timelapse

Video Transcript

Hey Guys

Welcome to another video

Today I will be painting this many armed beast who seems enamoured with some surreal bubbles. Lets get painting.

So like many of my paintings, I started with an acrylic pour. I try to place the paint carefully, but ultimately the paint does what the paint wants to do. Push it around a bit, and then let it dry untouched.

So you can see how I've sketched in my rough lines with a white pastel pencil, staying pretty loose and paying attention to the way the paint has flowed. Then I start painting with oils.

Sorry about the weird lighting throughout this video, I revamped my studio space and was playing around with the lighting.

Once I was happy with the details, I added my glaze layer which served to unify the painting as well as amp up the saturation.

And we're done!

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See you next time

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