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Payment Plants


Want to take a piece home but need a bit more time?

I offer payment plans for original paintings to make it that much easier for you to add the perfect spark of magic to your living space.


3 Payments in 3 Months - Applies to paintings over $300

5 Payments in 5 Months - Applies to paintings over $1000


How do payment plans work?

Once the first payment is made, the art is marked as "Sold". Once all payments are complete, the artwork is then carefully packaged up to be shipped to its new home. 

Payments are non-refundable, and if 3 months pass without payment, the artwork will be put back up for sale.


Why do I offer the option of payment plans?

There is no replacement for the unique beauty and life captured in an original painting, but they do come at a higher price. Payment plans give more people the opportunity to own a captivating piece of original art.


Want to own a painting, but need more time to pay?

Use the form below to inquire about payment plans.

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