“The Ghost in Your Own Story” – [Original Painting]

“The Ghost in Your Own Story” – [Original Painting]

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With this piece I wanted to capture a fear - of falling into a comfortable place in life that leaves me on autopilot. Running through each day without taking a moment to enjoy, not giving the beautiful little things the love and attention they deserve.

The fear of not living to the fullest. Life is about balance, about the inclusion of the big explosive moments and the quieter ones that sooth and nourish the soul.

I started by covering the wooden panel with copper leaf - one of my favorite ways to start a painting but here it served a dual purpose. Shiny metal can be absolutely dazzling in the right light, but can also appear dull and lifeless when viewed in the wrong light. So in a way, the copper leaf helps to capture the importance behind a change in perspective. Change your view, and you can see the beautiful shiny things, leaving the dull and lifeless behind.

I then poured fluid acrylic paint over the shiny copper leaf, manipulating it until it formed some lovely tendrils. Finally I brought a greyscale betta fish to life, and added a final touch of more copper in the form of a sacred geometric shape.

"The Ghost in Your Own Story" stands as a reminder to life for the little moments and enjoy everything, and was painted with acrylic and oil paints on a primed birch panel. It measures 12" x 12" (1.5" thick), and comes ready to hang with a hanging wire.

Information About the Painting

Title: "The Ghost in Your Own Story"
Medium: Acrylics & Oils on a wooden panel
Size: 12" x 12" (1.5" thick)
Subject: Black Betta Fish

This moody piece adorned with bright shiny copper elements will add a lovely sparkle to your home, and the effect changes based on your perspective (which is also true about life).


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Q. Isn't this expensive for me?

It might be, if your interests aren't quite aligned with a desire for one-of-a-kind treasures. Original paintings are an investment that add a wealth of beauty and personality to your favorite spaces, and are a culmination of decades of learning and growth. Perhaps your beautifying needs would be better met with a gorgeous archival print of your favorite piece - as detailed and lovely as the original painting, but at a fraction of the cost (granted you are A-Okay with owning art that has hundreds of identical brothers and sisters out there in the world)

Q. "Well this doesn't look like I thought it would..."

Sometimes things online just don't quite match up with what we imagine in our heads (though I go to great lengths to ensure that the photos show the painting in all of its true beautiful glory), so in the event that you purchase a painting that you don't totally love when it arrives, you are more than welcome to return the painting for a 100% refund (customer pays S&H) within 30 days of the painting arriving at your doorstep.

Q. "My friend told me that the postal service throws parcels around - how do I know that my painting won't get damaged in transit?"

We've all had that long-awaited parcel show up at our doorstep only to see it looking less like a box and more like a makeshift football that was squashed by a group of gorillas and then thrown into rush hour traffic.

Needless to say, that just isn't cool. But sadly we don't have a lick of control over the treatment of our beloved items, which is why I put extra energy and elbow grease into making sure your painting is packaged so well that it could survive being dropped off the CN Tower (but also please don't do that, be nice to pretty paintings). Gentle sheets kiss the artwork lovingly so nothing gets scratched, then it is part of a cardboard-bubblewrap sandwich that keeps it nice and cozy - and very very safe.

Q. "Can I buy this, but in a different colour?"

In most cases, you totally can! A few times per year I open up for custom commissions, drop me an email if you want something customized to your unique taste.