“Tend to Your Own” – [Original Painting]

“Tend to Your Own” – [Original Painting]


“Tend to Your Own”

Original painting measuring 11″ x 14″, painted with acrylic and oil paint on a 1.5″ thick wooden panel.


You give and give and give, and eventually you are swept up in this sea of giving, losing yourself. Keep yourself afloat, tend to your own garden.

It features a surreal red-toned Blue Jay.

It was painted with acrylic and oil paint on a wooden panel which measures 11″x14″, and approximately 1.5″ thick.


Title: “Tend to Your Own”
Medium: Oil Paint & Acrylic paint
Surface: Wooden panel (1.5” thickness)
Size: 11” x 14”
Subject: Red-toned Blue Jay


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[Frequently Asked Questions]

How safe is it to mail artwork?

I take the utmost care in packaging my artwork in order to mail it out, and have yet to have a piece damage or lost by the postal companies. My canvas paintings come in a tight-fitting thick felt sleeve which prevents the painting from becoming scratched, then are wrapped with layers of bubblewrap. The paintings are then placed in a tight-fitting sturdy cardboard box, and are heavily sealed in order to ensure their safe arrival. Then I add the mailing address and return address and send it on its way!

All of my artwork is mailed with a tracking number in order to keep tabs on its progress across the province, country, continent or globe!

What if I’m not happy with the painting when I receive it?

I offer a full refund on the cost of the painting (minus the initial cost of shipping and the cost to mail the piece back to the artist) within 14 days of the parcel being received if the client is unsatisfied with its quality or appearance. In order to prevent misrepresentation, I show several photos of the piece in the product description from multiple views, to help the customer see exactly what they are receiving. Still not sure? Feel free to let me know, and I will email you more photos of the piece in question.

Does the artwork come framed?

Please be aware that the artwork does not come framed or matted. Mailing a piece with a frame increases the shipping costs dramatically, not to mention shipping glass in a frame can be a tricky manner.

Do you offer payment plans?

Occasionally I will offer payment plans on pieces costing upwards of $500 USD. For more information, please contact me at dani.trudeau@hotmail.com