"Gold Clouded Leopard Skull" [Original Painting]

"Gold Clouded Leopard Skull" [Original Painting]

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“Gold Clouded Leopard Skull”

Original painting measuring 11″ x 14″, painted with metallic acrylic paint on a 1/8” thick masonite panel.


Medium: Acrylic paint
Surface: Masonite panel (1/8” thickness)
Size: 11” x 14”
Subject: Clouded Leopard Skull

Note: It is highly recommended that this painting be framed upon arrival in order to properly display its beauty as well to provide it with the appropriate protection it needs.

When framing, it is highly recommended that the glass be removed, as the vanish used will protect the painting from UV rays and moisture. If glass is preferred, a matte should be used in order to prevent the painted surface from contacting the glass, which will prevent the paint from sticking to the glass.

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Shipping option comes with a tracking number, and has been insured for the full value of the painting.

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