Moving Sale!

Hey art collectors!

I’m moving, so I figured that this was the perfect time to blow out some original artwork so that you lovely people can add some oil paintings to personal space for a killer deal!

All original work is
40% off!

That’s crazy low, so jump now before your favorite piece gets snatched up by someone else!

Blue Husky Eye Oil Painting

36.00 60.00

Long Black Fur Oil Painting Study

30.00 50.00

Tiger With Gold Leaf Floral Pattern Oil Painting Study

42.00 70.00

"Beautiful Things" (Original Oil Painting)

324.00 540.00

Surreal Cow Portrait with Gold Arabic Character Patterns

360.00 600.00

Yellow Cat Eye Oil Painting

36.00 60.00

White Cat Fur Oil Painting Study

30.00 50.00

"The Pursuit of Stillness" - Barn Owl Oil Painting

120.00 200.00

"Of Light and Acceptance" (Original Oil Painting)

252.00 420.00

Bronze Ancient Chinese Floral Patterns

360.00 600.00


Lion Eye Oil Painting

36.00 60.00

Chestnut Horse Mane Oil Painting Study

30.00 50.00

"A Light in My Darkness" - Peacock Oil Painting

120.00 200.00

"Nothing Here But You" (Original Oil Painting)

108.00 180.00

…and more!

There are many more originals joining this epic moving sale (40% off rarely comes around), check them out!

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