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Live Your Art Life

A Beginner’s Journey

What is Live Your Art Life?

It is an online course for artists in the early phases of their art career. I walk you through the process of building a business revolving around you and your art, which will allow you to turn your paintings into profit!


Giving you the tools to enable you to start living your art life, and build a fulfilling art business that fuels your creative spirit 

Imagine waking up each day with excitement in your heart, a lightness in your body with the thought of being able to create art and share it with the world.

Imagine rolling over in bed as the smell of coffee wafts over you, grab your phone and see a notification (or a few!) telling you that you made sales while you were in dreamland.

Imagine proudly being able to share your work with the world, knowing that you have dedicated fans that adore every new piece that you share.  

That can be your reality.

That can be you.


I am incredibly excited to share with you my course, Live Your Art Life: A Beginner's Journey, blast of knowledge and workbooks that give you the tools you need to start building your art business and share your art with the world.


I'm a strong believer that you are the only person who can make a change in your life, so I know that you are fully capable of turning your dreams into reality.


And while I am also a total believer in the power of a positive mindset, this course isn't just about "think positive and your dreams will manifest themselves!" (although it definitely helps!). This course is designed in such a way that it delivers step-by-step modules to start you off with building a solid foundation onto which we build the rest of your art business. I share all of my tips and tricks, secrets and knowledge so that you can live your best art life.

From Day One you gain access to my awesome workbook which gives you straight-forward, no-nonsense exercises that turn you onto the right path, and then strengthens you with every step along the way.

This course will give you the tools you need to start from square one and build a healthy and fulfilling art business.

Enrollment for the Live Your Art Life Course is open from May 8 - May 14 (closing at 11:59PM) and the course content will be available on May 16th after enrollment has closed.

So exciting!! Are you ready to invest in your future and art business and start flourishing!?


Sneak Peek into the Course

Chapter 1 - Building Your Brand

Module 1 - Defining Your Brand
Building the foundation of your image

Module 2 - Defining Your Art
Understanding what the world sees

Module 3 - Defining Yourself
Learning to not hide behind your art

Module 4 - Defining Your Audience
Finding your tribe of fans

Module 5 - Building an Art Series
Creating a unified image

Module 6 - Elevator Speech
Share your message with the world (in one sentence)

Chapter 2 - Getting Yourself Out There

Module 1 - Choosing Your Social Media Platforms
Which platform will work for you

Module 2 - Building Your Profiles
Putting your best foot forward

Module 3 - Captions That Convert
Turn those viewers into potential buyers

Module 4 - Hashtags
Finding hashtags that get your art in front of the right people

Module 5 - Email Marketing & Creating A Welcome Series
Learn to speak directly to your fans

Chapter 3 - Keep The Ball Rolling 

Module 1 - Engagement is a Two-Way Street
Treat others how you would like to be treated

Module 2 - Work Smarter, Not Harder (Scheduling & Batch Processing)
Learn to save time and energy while maximizing potential

Module 3 - Analytics & Insights
Understanding the data

Module 4 - Stay True to Your Brand
Continue sharing with the world


Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to the Beta-Launch of Live Your Art Life!


Q. Wait, why is this discounted?

Life Your Art Life: A Beginner's Journey is a brand spankin' new course that I have just launched, and while I am testing the waters I wanted to thank those who are the first in line to join me on this journey with a discount!

While the beta-launch may not be as pretty (the graphics and videos may not be perfect visually yet!), the content is still blazing hot and will definitely give you want you need to get your art business started!

Once the beta-launch is complete and the next round opens up, the discount  will be turned off and the course will be up to its full price.

I'm one of those gals that just LOVES a good sale (how am I supposed to say no??), so if you are too then this is the perfect opportunity for you to gain access to all of this incredible content!


Q. When is the content available?

The first module of the course goes live on May 16th, and then the subsequent modules will be released weekly after that until all the content is out in the world (so 3 weeks). On Day One you will gain access to my sparkly new workbook, complete with a ton of effective exercises, so if you wanted to be the good student and study hard before the lectures you are totally free to do so!


Q. What is this workbook? What kind of content does it have?

Some of the tasks that you should do to launch your art business can be a little tricky and abstract, especially if you are unfamiliar with them (if someone demands you to "tell me 5 interesting facts about yourself!", you'll probably freeze on the spot!). When I first did these things over the years I struggled big time because I didn't have a guide, so to make your lives so much easier I created a straight-forward, no-nonsense workbook filled with exercises, inspiration and word banks that will make building your business a breeze!


Q. How do I know if this course is right for me?

Let me ask you one question - are you ready to make an investment in your own future, empowering yourself to achieve your dream life?

If you answered "yes" to that, then this course is probably a good fit for you!

Q. Wait - can’t I learn all of this stuff on my own, for free?

You sure can! BUT, it will take time. It could take years to piece together all of the components and there is SO much trial and error. You can definitely do it the free way, but the way I see if is that if you take let’s say, 3 years to learn everything on your own that is contained within my course, you could have been making thousands in that time, without all the headache.
Your choice ;)

Q. Do I need to be a specific type of artist to take this course?

Not at all! The beauty about this is that it gives you the skills you need to build ANY art business, not just one that paints wildlife or flowers, or with oil paint or acrylics.


Q. I've never sold any art before - am I too much of a novice for this course?

No way! In fact, you are exactly where you need to be! This course is specifically designed for those in the earliest phases of their art careers, who have made none or few sales and have a burning desire to make more of themselves and their business.


Q. Do I need to attend in person?

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, this course is completely digital, which means that you get to enjoy 100% of it from the comfort of your own home (learning how to build your business in your pajamas - um yes please!!).


Q. What if I have questions along the way?

Because we are building an encouraging and supportive community, I created a private Facebook group that allows us to share our questions and wins!

I'm always available via email ( if you would prefer to ask me directly.


Q. How much time do I need to spend on this course?

The great thing about this course is that, while the modules are released every week, its completely self-paced! So there is no falling behind, you can dedicate how ever much time you need. That being said, the more time and energy you put towards your progress will have a huge impact on your success! So do what feels right.

Q. Okay this sounds super awesome, but I don’t think I’m ready to invest in myself yet. Do you have any free resources that I can get started with?

Investing in yourself can be scary, but don’t worry! I have some awesome FREE resources that can get you started with things!

Free Art Marketing Resources


Q. What if I sign up and realize the Live Your Art Life is not for me? 

If you have given it your all and are still not getting results, then no worries! You have 30 days to request a refund, you just have to show me that you have made a solid effort to complete the workbook so I know you gave it a good try, and you will get your money back.

For more details on the Refund policy, click here:

So what is the investment?

Are you excited to invest in your future?

The cost of Live Your Art Life is $297 USD

So exciting!! Are you ready to invest in your future and art business and start flourishing!?

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