Custom Commissioned Paintings

Below is a rough guide of my current price range for custom paintings. This information is a great way to acquire an idea of the cost of your desired painting before a customized quote has been given.

Have a great idea that you would like to see painted, or a beloved pet or animal that you would like a portrait of? Contact me at and we can discuss your ideas and prices!


Base Prices

The prices listed below are the base prices, which includes the specified composition for a single subject and simplified background. Additional background styles will result in an adjusted price.

Don’t see a price listed for the size that you would like? Contact me for a personalized price quote.

** Please note that the prices below do not include the cost of materials (canvas, additional paint needed, etc).

Prices listed in US Currency.

11″ x 14″

Portrait – $210+
Full Body – $320+

12″ x 16″

Portrait – $240+
Full Body – $360+

16″ x 20″

Portrait – $350+
Full Body – $480+

18″ x 24″

Portrait – $500+
Full Body – $640+

24″ x 30″

Portrait – $650+
Full Body – $850+