I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Artist Self These Things

I wish I could tell my younger artist self these things

Throughout life we learn many lessons, some were learned the hard way and others come to use with more grace. If I could go back and whisper some nuggets of knowledge into my Younger Self's ear, these would be on the top of the list.

 Don't be afraid to play and experiment

 Joy and exploration keep your heart light and your mind active. Try out different mediums (don't put off trying oil paints so dang long!) and styles, use colours you normally wouldn't, paint something different! Experiment and play! This is such an important part of your journey, discovering what both works and does not work for you, all while learning and gaining new skills. Throw some paint around, make a mess, and have fun.

Don't give up on those art series that you put so much time into planning

Throughout the years I have planned SO many art series, yet I manifested so few of them. I have sketchbooks filled with notes and details, sketches and thumbnails, and pages upon pages of scribbled notes from the hours of research I would do. And then I would just stop. I wouldn't even prime a canvas for the piece.

Now that I have more experience with marketing myself as an artist, I realize how art series have a strong place in not only the perceptive quality of an artist to the audience, but as a way to strengthen your message.

Plus, art series are fun! So Younger Self, stop dropping these projects and bring them to fruition instead! Future Self will thank you for it.

Mind your posture

Please do Future Self a favor and mind your posture - backs are strong yet delicate, and your shoulder gets all funky when you sit while painting for too long (standing up is so much more comfortable and freeing!).

Oh, and keep that coffee cup or water glass a little further away from your brush cleaning jar please. And be mindful of splattering paint - I'm still chipping little paint specks off my laptop!


What would you tell your younger self?


Stay magical,


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Danielle Trudeau creates paintings that walk the line between dreams and reality, infusing magic into every day life.

Wildlife often graces her canvases, brought to life with a spark of magic and oil paint.