Newsletter Changes


Newsletter Changes

I am pleased to say that there will be a few changes to the upcoming newsletters!
The major change is that I have decided to circulate an additional segment of my newsletter, here are the details!
- Will be sent out every second Friday (starting on September 16, 2016)
- This newsletter will contain only the new paintings and products that have been added to my shop

This means that my shop will be updated every two weeks, and by subscribing to that segment of the newsletter, you can be the first to snag that new original painting to add to your collection, or that shiny new print to hang in your favorite living space!

So to be added to the list to receive shop update newsletters on every second Friday, reply to this email with a little note mentioning that you would like that newsletter as well.

The first of the bimonthly shop update newsletters will be released this Friday, September 16th, and the regular monthly newsletter for September 2016 is set to release on September 30th.


- Dani

Danielle Trudeau