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Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

I absolutely cannot believe that we are already past the halfway point of November. I know they say time seems to go faster the older you get, but the speed seems to be increasing exponentially lately! Perhaps because I have been keeping myself very, very busy.

I am not an idle spirit. Some people want nothing more than to relax and watch videos all day, and are content with just that: relaxing. Oh how I wish I was one of those people. If I don't have a to-do list as high as I am tall I feel very unusual, and rather bored!

That being said, my busiest time of year for artwork is fast approaching. Christmas time is full of people wanting custom commissions for their loved ones, not to mention the creative energy that I put towards my own loved ones. I adore receiving homemade gifts, so I often create something with my own hands for my loved ones as well.

Just a reminder that I'm offering anyone that subscribes to my monthly newsletter a 10% discount* on all custom commissions!

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"Elegant Eclipse"  [  Tiger with peonies  ]  11"x14", acrylics on wood. 2015

"Elegant Eclipse"
[ Tiger with peonies ]
11"x14", acrylics on wood.

I spent a recent weekend with a table at a local convention, selling my art, hanging out with cool people and just generally having a blast. I was mostly selling prints of my artwork, but I had a few originals on hand too (thanks to the new owners, your support is appreciated!). With my spread of artwork behind me the entire weekend, I would catch glimpses of certain pieces and be blasted with the various reasons why I created the pieces.  Some pieces were quite personal, and still come with a very strong emotional pull for myself, and others I was willing to share the story with others. I love hearing the story behind artwork, and can only imagine that others feel the same. The story is what makes it special, makes it personal. Slowly I'm diving more into the realm of "artistic story time" when it comes to creating piece. Sometimes the story of the piece doesn't reveal itself to me until the very end, and often I'm still left pondering my subconscious choices and decisions made for the painting for months after its been completed.

Creative tips by Danielle Trudeau Studios

Creative Tips
From Artist to Artist
In this section you will get a tip relating to anything art!

Feeling stressed and looking for a release? Get creative!

As a full-time student in the science field, I experience a lot of stress. Stress is a nasty thing and while it does take enjoyment out of life in the moment, it can also cause long-lasting negative effects on your health. So what are the best ways to beat stress, regardless of what is causing it? My favourite way is to get creative!

You don't have to be a world-class artist or a professional of any type. Painting relieves stress for me(the messier the style, the better), but it's all about finding a creative outlet that makes you happy. When I'm strapped for time and feeling stressed, I love giving myself a lovely manicure with a creative spin. Other great outlets are knitting, sculpting, baking and more. The possibilities are endless! Knowing I created something with my own hands and soul always puts a smile on my face and heart.

Keep true and keep healthy. 


Fresh Off the Easel
Here is a selection of artwork that is fresh off the easel and into the shop.

These are new to the shop as well! Purchase :  https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/TheDaytimeHeroes?section_id=10968947

These are new to the shop as well!
Purchase : https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/TheDaytimeHeroes?section_id=10968947

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- Danielle