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Hello my lovelies!

My apologies for the huge inconsistencies in the timing of my newsletters, it's definitely something I am planning on being more active with!
Another thing I have begun to be more active with is my personal blog, which naturally is art-themed. The trick is to write a series of posts at one time and schedule them for launch down the road!
Here is a link to my blog!
One thing I would like to achieve in my work is a story. My blog is a place where you can often find the stories, as well as progress shots, techniques, and random stuff!

Now onto the goodies.
This past February, I had the pleasure of painting my first real mural! I volunteered my time and service to the Animal Services business in my local city. As a huge animal and pet lover myself, I feel happy that I had the opportunity to liven up an area with my artwork. It definitely was a huge effort, lots of things learned (lots of things that I wish I could have known before I started), but it was such a great experience. Plus I got to meet some incredible people, and dogs! I even got to meet some of the "models" that went into my mural. All of the dogs that were included in my mural we past inhabitants of the shelter, and have all since found their new, loving forever homes!

There was even a really funny moment during the unveiling event where one of the pups (who I got to paint in the mural) was barking and growling at his portrait on the wall.

While this was a cool experience, it gets even cooler because it helped me land my current job! My current working title at my place of employment is "Mural Mentor", which means that I get to spend the summer creating two more murals that will decorate my city for years to come!

Now onto some other projects!

There are always a ton of canvases around my home that are in varying degrees of completion. I'm currently working on a bit of a series with the theme of Emotions. Each of the series is depicted by a bird and a colour. Here are the first two.


Although it's still months away, I'm getting super excited for this years' Comic Con that is held in my city. Last year was the first year that we attended as vendors in the Artists Alley and we had an amazing experience. We are planning on using this convention to judge whether or not it will be feasible for us to start traveling to other cities for conventions (Toronto, Montreal, Minnieapolis and Denver are all on the list of hopefuls!). So if you are a local Winnipegger like myself and are planning to attend the C4 Comic Com this fall, come swing by my table to say hi!

That's all for now folks! The weather here has been AMAZING lately so it's hard spending time indoors!

Peace out my wonderfuls!

- Dani

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