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Instagram can be a tricky beast - these days with the floods of posts it can be exhausting trying to show your art to the world. You can feel invisible.

But not anymore!

I got tired of shouting my message to the world and it falling away to the wind, so I dug deep into my science background and started experimenting - and the results have been amazing.

My engagement rates on Instagram have SKYROCKETED in a short amount of time - once I implemented a few super simple changes.

(What on earth is engagement rate on Instagram? Its the ratio of people who interact with your post, so like or comment on it, and who follows you.)

My engagement rates are now on average at least 3-4 times higher than the average "good" engagement rate for accounts - amazing, right??

So what does this even mean? It means that you are finding more members of your ideal audience, the people who will love and adore you and your work, which can turn into increased art sales - uh, yes please!!

I can't wait to share these 5 awesome tips&tricks that I learned to boost the engagement rate on your art - join below to get these delivered to you!

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